Our programs are designed by highly experienced experts associated with Rubicon Research Pvt Ltd, who actively participate in knowledge partnering and mentoring programs. We provide a holistic learning experience through our modern classroom facilities and exposure to state-of-the-art laboratories, combined with ongoing partnerships with various regulatory bodies. We constantly review and update our course material to ensure we meet the rigorous demands of the industry.

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These 45 – 90 min online interactions are formulated to share knowledge and tools, and train participants in the best possible manner. Topics revolve around enhancing awareness of the pharmaceutical industry, training in professional skills attractive to employers, and being ‘job-ready’ for starting a career or a new role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Short-term Courses

These courses prepare participants from the pharmaceutical industry to move laterally from one technical function to another.


Certification courses provide a ‘fast-track’ approach to gaining knowledge and skills across various technical areas.


Participants stand a chance to intern with Rubicon Research, known in the pharmaceutical industry for its exceptionally strong learning orientation.

Career Opportunities

Participants who attend Rubicon Academy training programs and who excel in the assessment phase are provided employment opportunities at Rubicon Research.